Moolenaar Group

WMZ Holding bv


We are looking forward to meet business partners that can support our investment and trade portfolio. 

We are a family company since 1850 and are based in the Netherlands and operate globally in different markets, with different products and services. 

Our shareholders are experienced entrepreneurs with skills in strategy development and M&A. 

We corporate with Family Companies that are looking for a solid take over partner and we respect the values and people that have worked for the company for decades. Families that dont want to sell to a strategic partner but an investor that goes for the company values, saving the culture and its people that built the company what it is today.  The Moolenaar Group is your long term partner that supports your current strategy and will grow it with its network and knowledge of different markets being Retail, Commodities, Logistics, Science or Agriculture.

The Moolenaar team will keep the spirit and culture of the founders of the family companies alive ! Without this spirit and drive companies will loose their values. 

We are the right partner for International Trade and Investment Funds and work with Financial Institutions globally in partnership and long term.

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